De Standaard: “Free” state versus “socialist” city

This week, our Campaign was featured in international press. Belgian newspaper De Standaard is reporting on trends in American local and state government, and spoke with our campaign manager about recent preemption efforts in Texas and across the nation. Below is an approximate translation into English:

“‘The attempt by the state to address the cities‚Äô local powers transcends Texas,‚Äô says Michael Alfano, by telephone from Florida. Alfano is Campaign Director at the Campaign for Local Solutions.

‘[C]onservative states in America are trying to push laws that restrict the power of progressive cities and counties. Very often there are powerful lobby groups that finance the campaigns of conservative politicians. In return, those lobbyists expect legislation that [benefits] industry or the business world for its sake. For example, if a state determines that cities cannot ban plastic bags, then there is a chance that lobbying will be in place.”

According to Alfano, that interference in local business is very [far-reaching]. ‘States increasingly adopt laws that remove local control over entire domains. Local executives are even held personally liable [for violating]¬†those laws. City councils and local politicians do not have the money to act against such powerful lobbying groups. This is fundamentally antidemocratic.'”

Read more in De Standaard (article text is in Dutch).