#DefendLocal in The Progressive Magazine

Our Campaign Manager, Mike Alfano, was featured in this detailed article on Super-Preemption in The Progressive.

Alfano explains that:

“Super-preemption is a draconian practice where a state isn’t satisfied with eroding democracy at the local level, so they take it one step further, allowing special interest groups like the National Rifle Association to threaten local officials with fines, removal from office, or even jail time if they try to pass any law that might be preempted.”

The effect, he says, is to “completely chill local governments from passing common-sense local solutions to protect the health, safety, and well-being of their communities. And that’s exactly what these interest groups want: cities and counties that don’t agree with them to be intimidated and bullied into inaction.”

Read the full article on Super-Preemption and where it has been put in place, here.