The Nation: How to Join the Movement to End Gun Violence

Heading into the historic #MarchForOurLives weekend of millions demanding gun reforms, The Nation Magazine highlighted several actions people could take to make a difference, including asking local elected officials to fight back against preemption. Here’s an excerpt:


• Fight preemption laws. After decades of lobbying by the NRA, more than 40 states now have preemption laws regarding firearms that strip the authority of municipalities to regulate the sale and use of guns. In some states such as Florida, extreme preemption laws threaten officials who enforce their own gun ordinances with personal $5,000 fines and removal from office, and a fine of up to $100,000 for the town itself. Urge your city council members and mayors to vocally oppose state preemption laws and to join coalitions such as the nonpartisan Campaign to Defend Local Solutions, which seeks to protect the rights of local authorities to create their own gun laws free from state interference.