Preemption in FL - Hurting FL’s Workers, Families, & Communities

This infographic details how previously passed, and recently proposed preemption laws negatively impact workers, families, and communities in Florida.  It was on-hand at a press conference which gathered state and local elected officials and representatives from the League of Women Voters of FL, AFL-CIO of FL, SEIU FL, the Sierra Club of FL, Florida Alliance for Consumer Protection, Florida Immigrant Coalition, Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy, among others.

Research & Policy Briefs

The Rise of State Preemption Laws in Response to Local Policy Innovation

This article analyzes the increasing use of state preemption law by conservative state leaders as a tool to rein in progressive local governments. The scope and special qualities of recent state preemption laws are explored by examining legislation preempting local fracking bans, preventing minimum wage ordinances, targeting sanctuary city policies, overturning LGBT rights ordinances, and enacting blanket preemption measures. Reasons for the recent surge of state preemption laws are suggested, and the overall effectiveness of these laws is discussed.

Lori Riverstone-Newell
Publius: The Journal of Federalism, Volume 47, Issue 3, 1 July 2017, Pages 403–425,
Published: 25 May 2021

Research & Policy Briefs

EPI Report: City governments are raising standards for working people—and state legislators are lowering them back down

A report recently released by the Economic Policy Institute examines the rising use of preemption by state legislatures to undercut local labor standards. It provides an overview of five key areas of labor and employment policy affected by preemption—including minimum wage, paid leave, fair work scheduling, prevailing wage, and project labor agreements—and details the extent and impact of such preemption practices throughout the United States. Finally, it presents ways local governments can push back against state preemption in their efforts to raise the living standards of their residents.

Research & Policy Briefs

Why Local Solutions?

A helpful fact sheet created by and ILSR on the importance of protecting the ability of local governments to invest in municipal broadband networks.  This includes a description of numerous ways local governments are best situated to address gaps in community broadband.

Research & Policy Briefs

The Current State of Sanctuary Law

A policy fact sheet from the Southern Poverty Law Center detailing the current state of Federal Sanctuary City Law, and facts about Sanctuary Cities. This factsheet is extremely useful in dispelling some of the myths and misinformation that have been perpetuated about “Sanctuary,” or, Welcoming Cities.

Research & Policy Briefs

CDLS Memo - The True Cost of Preemption

The goal of this memo is to educate and build awareness of many of the issues that are affected by attacks on local solutions. For this memo, CDLS compiled data from a number of organizations in Florida concerned about preemption, to highlight some of the potential costs and impacts of two extremely broad and wide-ranging bills.

2017 Preemption Report - Campaign to Defend Local Solutions

Research & Policy Briefs

National League of Cities Report on State Preemption

This report put out by the National League of Cities looks at what policies areas state legislatures have preempted in each state. The issue areas focused on are: minimum wage, anti-discrimination, ride sharing, tax and expenditure limitations, paid leave, home sharing, and municipal broadband.  Others policy areas are discussed, as well.